Making An Offer

Once you’ve made your choice and decided to make an offer, let the realtor do all the work. If you’re negotiating various aspects of the house or allowances the homeowner may offer, be sure the agent gets it in writing. The formal process of making an offer is a written one, so be patient. You will also want to hire an appraisal firm to evaluate the home before you make your offer.
Let the realtor do all the work. Offers are made in writing so scrutinize the paperwork. Be sure any allowances or trade-offs are included.

Hire an appraiser to evaluate the home. That input will help you finalize your offer.

If the offer is turned down, ask the realtor to find out why.

Also ask if the seller has a “that’s it” bottom price.

Do not go behind the realtor’s back and try a side deal. It’s not only unethical, but may be illegal.

If you can’t meet the seller’s price, move on.

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