Closing The Sale

When your offer is accepted, you’ll have a number of things to do to reach the closing. Above all else, insist that all documents be generated regarding the sale be correct. Ask your realtor to review them with you prior to the closing, so that any errors can be fixed before you sit down with the seller.

Immediately notify your mortgage lender, insurance company, moving or relocation firm and have your realtor schedule the closing.

Closings are usually done at title companies.

Have your realtor check all documentation regarding the sale to ensure that any allowances or trade-offs are included and that all information about the house is correct.

A number of service, transfer, and loan origination fees will be due at closing. Be sure you know what they are and have that money available.

Sellers may request 4 to 7 days to move out. Be generous and understanding and allow them the time they need.
Be sure to take your time, be specific about what you want, and be willing to walk away from homes that aren’t exactly what you want. Find a good realtor and let them do all the digging and carrying. Line up your financing, insurance, and appraiser in advance, and be prepared for the time it takes to make and finalize a home purchase. Above all else, enjoy the process and look forward to your new home with great anticipation.

Welcome to Chesapeake!