Choosing a Neighborhood

Whether you’re new to the Chesapeake area or shopping for your fourth or fifth house, or even a vacation home, the old adage still holds true: the most important thing to remember is location, location, location!

Determining where you want to live, a new addition or an old, established neighborhood, the distance you’ll be commuting, streets, highways and public transportation, quality of schools, nearby shopping, public parks, churches, medical facilities and other requirements combine to make location the number one priority in a home purchase.

If you’ve lived here for some time, or possibly all of your adult life, you’ll have a fairly good knowledge of where you want to live. However, if you’re moving from out of town, you’ll need to do a Sherlock Holmesian investigation before deciding where you want to live.

Here is where you should start:

Get an overview of Chesapeake, VA by reading our “Chesapeake, VA Info” section on the left.

The Chesapeake Division of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce will tout the business and commercial segments,

The Chesapeake Conventions & Tourism Bureau will tell you about attractions and entertainment.

The City of Chesapeake website will supply tax information, public transportation and city services information.
In fact, there’s hardly any facet of our community that isn’t covered somewhere on the Internet.

So the big job of finding information is pretty much solved.

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